Vehicles travelling in the Surat Basin and Galilee Basin may need to be certified ‘weed free’ before entering work sites. Under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002, vehicles that are driven in areas where weeds might be present, must be cleaned to assist in preventing their spread. If reasonable steps are not taken to ensure a vehicle is clean, a penalty of up to $20,000 can be applied.

Vista Hire rents vehicles ready to work in the Surat Basin and Galilee Basin – this means our hire vehicles are compliant with the safety standards and we can arrange for Weed Hygiene Declarations or Certificates to be issued for your hire vehicle in Brisbane before you leave for site.

What is involved in the weed hygiene declaration and certification process?

Depending on where you are working, you may require either a Weed Hygiene Declaration or a Weed Hygiene Certificate (or both). The key difference is that a Weed Hygiene Declaration may be completed by anyone, whereas a Weed Hygiene Certificate (or Vehicle Hygiene Inspection Report) must be completed by someone who has been certified. A Weed Hygiene Declaration is also sometimes called a Weed and Seed Declaration.

When we arrange for your hire vehicle to be cleaned for a Weed Hygiene Declaration or Certificate, the following process is followed:Weed Hygiene Declaration and Certification Process

What is involved in declaring a vehicle ‘clean’?

For vehicles, ‘clean’ means that no soil and/or organic matter that may contain weed reproductive material is on or in areas that are accessible during cleaning and maintenance work.

When you request your hire vehicle to have a Weed Hygiene Declaration or Certificate, prior to sign out, we send the vehicle to be cleaned by our certified cleaning supplier. Our supplier in Brisbane has completed the required competencies “Inspect and clean machinery for plant, animal and soil material (AHCBIO201A)” (formerly RTD2313A [Clean machinery of plant, animal and soil material] and  RTD2312A [Inspect machinery for plant, animal and soil material]).

For a vehicle or piece of machinery to be declared clean, there are several items that must be checked and cleaned including (but not limited to):

For 4WDs, there are additional checks required including (but not limited to):

A checklist and guidelines that show areas that are required to be clean are available at

How long does the vehicle stay ‘clean’?

A vehicle is considered to remain clean if it leaves its point of origin clean and only travels on sealed roads or well-maintained unsealed roads.

Some sites determine that the declaration or certificate only remains valid for a set period (e.g. 21 days) and provided the following conditions are met:

Why is it so important for vehicles to be clean?

According to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry, when a vehicle or machine is driven through a weed-infested area, seeds become lodged in cracks and crevices, including tyre treads, radiators, licence plates and the chassis. The seeds may then be carried hundreds of kilometres before dislodging in new areas.

The spread of weeds can be costly to landholders and ultimately to all of us. 

“It’s a lot of work to clean down a catchment, it’s easier to clean your vehicle.”

When do you need a declaration or certificate?

Sites controlled by Arrow Energy and Santos (GLNG) require at a minimum a Weed Hygiene Declaration, sites controlled by Origin Energy (APLNG) require a Vehicle and Mobile Plant Hygiene Inspection Report  (Certificate), sites controlled by QGC require a QGC Vehicle Hygiene Inspection Certificate. 

Weed Hygiene Declaration

Weed Hygiene Declaration form. Part 2 requires that any person declares that the vehicle is clean.

The form is available on Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry (DAFF) website


The Weed Hygiene Certificate or Vehicle Hygiene Inspection Report requires that a certified inspector checks off the relevant items that have been cleaned and inspected. At Vista Hire, we can arrange for your hire vehicle to be cleaned, and we have in-house inspector who can complete the Origin or QGC paperwork for you at the beginning of your hire. 

Origin Vehicle Hygiene Inspection ReportExample of Origin Weed Hygiene Certificate.


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