Choose from a selection of 4WD vehicles - trayback, wagon, canopy, tradesman's ute, single cab utes, or dual cab utes. Our 4WD rental fleet includes a range of mine specification vehicles fitted with extra safety equipment ready for work at mine and construction sites. We also have vehicles equipped to tow for both commercial and private hirers.  

Mine Spec Trayback

4WD Dual Cab Trayback Mine Spec

4WD with steel tray equipped with mine specification equipment

Mine Spec Wagon

Mine Spec Prado Wagon

4WD wagon for mine site, civil construction project, or infrastructure works.

Mine Spec with Canopy

Mine Spec vehicle with Canopy

4WD with lockable canopy equipped with mine spec options

Dual Cab with Canopy

4 door 4wd with canopy

4-door double cab with lockable canopy

Dual Cab Ute

4WD dual cab ute

4WD 4-door ute with large tray or style side for carrying tools and equipment.

Dual Cab LandCruiser Ute

Dual Cab Landcruiser Ute

Four door, five seats, V8 engine - the ultra-tough 4WD.

Prado Wagon

2014 Toyota Prado Wagon

Increased comfort and features in the 4WD Wagon.

70 Series Wagon

70 Series Toyota Landcruiser Wagon

Turbo Diesel V8 power ideal for towing.

200 Series Wagon

200 Series LandCruiser Wagon

Toyota LandCruiser 200 series wagon. Comfort. Power. Ideal long range cruiser.

Single Cab Ute

4WD Single Cab Toyota Landcruiser

Single cab 4WD ute with a large tray, heavy duty suspension and double hoop external ROPS.

Tradesman Canopy

Tradesman Canopy

The all new Toyota Hilux with tradesman's 3 sided canopy and ladder rack is available for rent from Vista Hire.

All New Toyota Hilux

2015 Hilux

The all new 2015 Toyota Hilux has arrived at Vista Hire. Be the first to drive one.

Semi-Mine Spec Bus

12 seater commuter bus

Semi mine spec commuter bus. Seats 12. Available with IVMS.

Light Trucks

NPR200 Truck

Semi mine spec Isuzu NPR200 light truck for hire from Vista Hire.

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