Towing vehicle hire

Need to rent a towing vehicle? Our entire range of 4WDs are permitted to tow, and are equipped with electronic brake controllers ready for you to hitch a trailer.

Please note: we cannot facilitate one-way hires for tow vehicles. Vehicles hired for towing purposes can only be picked up and dropped back to our depot in Brisbane.

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200 Series LandCruiser Towing

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Towing Gear

Tow Bars

Every Vista Hire tow vehicle comes equipped with a tow bar, wired with either "7 pin round small", "7 pin round large", or "7 pin flat" connectors.

Electronic Brake Controllers

Trailer loads over 750 kilograms require brakes to ensure that the trailer safely stops with your vehicle. Our electronic brake controllers can be adjusted from the dashboard as needed, so you can fine-tune the level of braking to your exact requirement.

What is GVM?

Gross vehicle mass is the maximum weight a vehicle can carry, set by the manufacturer. As GVM includes the vehicle’s own weight, there isn’t always enough margin between vehicle weight and GVM to carry the load you need. Towing shifts that weight out of the vehicle, reducing strain and complying with GVM.

In order to ensure optimum road safety, you need to choose the right towing vehicle for the weight of the load you need to transport. If you want to read a great article on trailer loading, we recommend this one from the Practical Motoring website.

Our Towing Vehicles

The best way to judge how much weight a vehicle can pull is its braked towing capacity. This is the maximum weight of a brake-equipped trailer that the vehicle can tow.

Below are the braked towing capacities of some of our more popular vehicles available for hire:

Toyota Hilux 2,500 - 3,200 kilograms
(depending on model)
Toyota Prado 2,500 kilograms
Holden Colorado 3,500 kilograms*
Ford Ranger 3,500 kilograms*
Toyota LandCruiser 3,500 kilograms

*GVM limitations may impact towing capacity

Tow Safely

When you hire a towing vehicle, it’s important to appreciate that the towing a load requires an adjustment in the way you drive. Here are a few things you should consider before you set off in your hire vehicle:

1) Your vehicle’s towing capability, as written on the tow placard

2) The trailer’s aggregate mass, which is the weight of the trailer plus the load

3) The vehicle’s gross mass, which is the total of the trailer down force plus the mass of passengers and accessories like bull-bars, roll cages, auxiliary batteries, long range fuel tanks, etc.

4) Whether trailer brakes are required

5) Whether one or two safety chains are required

6) How to correctly hitch a trailer

7) How to load a trailer

8) How to connect trailer wiring.

Box trailer attached to Vista Hire vehicle

Vista Hire puts safety first, so our staff are happy to assist you with selecting a 4WD for towing. Call us on 1300 993 767 for more information.

Towing capabilityTow placard shows towing capacity

The tow placard will show the tow-ball down-force rating (or trailer ball load) and towing capacity braked and un-braked. The down-force that is applied by the trailer to the vehicle through the tow-ball, counts toward the vehicles GVM, as do accessories like bull-bars, roll cages, auxiliary batteries, long range fuel tanks, etc.

Towing weight

The maximum weight of a trailer is specified by its Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM). The ATM is the combined weight of the trailer and its load.

Gross Vehicle Mass

The Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is the maximum laden weight permitted for the vehicle and includes:

  • Vehicle
  • Full fuel load
  • Passengers
  • Luggage
  • Vehicle accessories (bullbar/tow bar/canopy)
  • Tow ball down load - usually found on the tow placard, attached to the tow bar.

The GVM is specified by the manufacturer and stamped into the vehicle compliance plate.

Electronic brake controller


All trailers with an ATM over 750kg require brakes, and electronic brake controllers are required to be fitted to vehicles that tow trailers with electronic brakes for the brakes to be adjusted correctly. The control unit is usually fitted within reach of the driver so adjustments can be made to the level of braking applied to the trailer wheels. The control unit sends braking signals to the trailer brakes via the trailer wiring. When adjusted correctly, the tow vehicle and trailer can be slowed as quickly as if the vehicle was stopping by itself. The red dial in the photo is the trailer brake adjustment in a Redarc in-dash electronic brake controller.

Safety chains

Safety chains are compulsory in Australia and should be attached and shortened to be no longer than necessary. They must be strong enough to hold the trailer and prevent the drawbar from touching the ground in the event the trailer disconnects from the tow ball. Trailers over 2,500kg must have two safety chains.

Hitching the trailer

A correctly hitched trailer should tow level with the vehicle or slightly nose down. Bear in mind that the down-force applied by the trailer will reduce available travel of the vehicle's rear suspension and this should be factored in when negotiating bumpy roads.

Loading the trailer

The trailer should be loaded so that the majority of the weight is sitting over the axle(s) and sits as low as possible.  Overloading a trailer with too much weight toward the rear will cause the trailer to sway. Overloading a trailer with too much weight toward the front will cause it to oversteer.

7 pin tow plug

Understanding trailer wiring

Vista Hire's 4WD vehicles are typically wired with either "7 pin round small", "7 pin round large", or "7 pin flat" connectors. The connector shown is the 7 pin round small type and is in common use on trailers in Queensland.

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