A roll over protection structure (ROPS) is a frame installed in, or around, a vehicle that increases the structural rigidity of the frame around vehicle occupants. In the event of a vehicle roll over, the increased rigidity reduces the amount of crushing and deformation of the cabin structure, protecting cabin space and the vehicle occupants.

You can hire a vehicle equipped with ROPS from Vista Hire. Contact us to discuss your requirement for a 4WD hire vehicle with ROPS.

ROPS are valuable in four wheel drives

Internal 4-point ROPS protect all occupants

As 4WD vehicles tend to have a higher centre of gravity, and a proportionally narrower track than most sedans, they are more prone to roll over than a normal sedan. During a roll over, the occupant survival space is generally reduced due to crushing and deformation of the vehicle roof, and injuries can occur.

ROPS help to maintain the internal cabin space and therefore provide greater protection for the occupants.

ROPS are required on some sites

ROPS may be required on the following mine sites:

 ROPS may be required on coal seam gas sites for the following projects:

Vista Hire also has several non-mining clients who's vehicle compliance standards call for ROPS for added safety of their staff.

Choosing the right ROPS is important

Internal 4-point ROPS

Where ROPS use has been mandated, Vista Hire prefers internally-mounted roll-over protection structures for 4WDs. Internal ROPS provide protection for the front and rear seats, and also has the least impact on the vehicle’s centre of gravity.

Externally-mounted ROPS can raise a vehicle’s centre of gravity, leading to an increased likelihood of vehicle roll overs.


Correct installation of ROPS is essential

ROPS Compliance PlateVista Hire’s ROPS are all Australian designed and locally installed by an approved and certified Queensland Transport endorsed vehicle modifier. Our internal ROPS systems comply with light vehicle modification code LK10 for ‘Roll Bar and Roll Cage Installation’ and a modification plate is fitted to vehicles where ROPS has been installed.

Hire a Vehicle Equipped with ROPS 

At Vista Hire, safety is our number one value. If you need to hire a 4WD equipped with ROPS, contact us - we have a range of vehicles with internal ROPS and externally-mounted ROPS depending on your requirement. 


 Need more information about hiring a 4WD with ROPS? Call Vista Hire on 1300 993 767


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