Vista Hire offers a range of 4WD hire vehicles ready to work at projects throughout Queensland and New South Wales. We hire practical, commercial vehicles built to the right standard so you can get on with your work.

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What is a Project Site Vehicle?

A Project Site Vehicle is a vehicle equipped with additional safety equipment making it suitable for work at a construction, infrastructure services, or telecommunications project site. If you are tendering to work at a project, you may need to supply a project site vehicle.

At Vista Hire, we rent vehicles suitable for work at various projects throughout Queensland. Each project has different requirements – contact us about your project’s vehicle safety requirements and we’ll have a vehicle ready for you to work.

What is included in Project Site Vehicle Specifications?

Project Site Vehicle with CanopyOur clients have requested various site-specific options for their project vehicles, including:

-          9kg fire extinguishers.

-          First aid kits.

-          Automatic transmissions.

-          Low mileage vehicles. 

-          Vehicles less than 3 years old.

-          Reflective stripes and call signs.

-          Conduit Holders.

-          Ladder racks.

-          White noise squawker alarms (separately switched).


 Don’t know what you need?

If you are unsure of the specification, we can provide advice on the most common items required for project site vehicles. 

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Three Major Benefits of Hiring Site Ready Vehicles


1)     You can ramp up or down your vehicle numbers quickly

Many projects run over time (and over budget) and often require contractors to ramp up (or ramp down). The beauty of hiring site-ready vehicles for your project is that you can start off with one vehicle for the scoping phase, ramp up to 10 vehicles for the project construction peak, and ramp down to three vehicles for the operations and maintenance phase.

Once you've been set you up as a client, simply call and we'll supply more vehicles.


2)     You don’t have to wait to get your vehicle specified

It can take days or weeks to get all the items supplied and fitted to your vehicles, and can be a costly (and frustrating) exercise. When you hire a vehicle from Vista Hire, it is site ready – that means it’s ready for work the day you collect it. 


3)     There’s less risk of you being turned away from site

Send us your specification, and we’ll make sure the vehicle is built right and fully compliant. We do this by performing a comprehensive ‘check in / check out’ process on each vehicle before it is handed over. 

So, for example, if the site-specific option is that you need a 9kg fire extinguisher and white noise squarker, you’ll be able to see on our vehicle checklist that we’ve sent the vehicle out with a 9kg fire extinguisher and white noise squarker. So you know that when it comes time for vehicle inspection on site, there’ll be no worries.


Mine Spec Vehicles vs Project Site Vehicles

A mine spec vehicle is a project site vehicle on steroids. Mine sites traditionally have more stringent safety standards than project sites, therefore the vehicle specification required to work at, or around, a mine site is more stringent. See our mine spec page for more details. 

Within the industry, a project site vehicle is sometimes called a semi-mine spec vehicle, a civil spec vehicle, or a construction spec vehicle. The name doesn’t matter – what you need is a vehicle that meets the standard required for your work. 

Where have our Project Site Vehicles Worked?

Our project site vehicles have worked on projects in South East Queensland, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and beyond, including:

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