Issue 8: September 2015
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• IVMS improves driver safety
• 2015 Toyota Hilux
• 200 Series LandCruiser
• Safe driving: mobile phones
• Trailer Stability Control 


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We've been listening to your feedback, and we know you value customer service and an easy hire process. We continue to look for ways to streamline our process while still ensuring you are in the safest car for your job. 

How IVMS Improves Driver Safety

At Vista Hire, all our vehicles are fitted with in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) - we use the IVMS to manage fleet maintenance and for improved driver and vehicle safety. We can provide IVMS reports to you at a nominal cost to enable you to monitor your drivers' behaviour. 

Why would you want to monitor driver behaviour?

We recently conducted an exercise to compare the driver behaviour of a set of vehicles where the drivers knew their employers were monitoring the IVMS reports vs a set of vehicles where no report monitoring occurs. 
Top Speed Graph

When employers actively manage the IVMS reports, their employees are less likely to speed and more likely to wear their seatbelt. 

Read more on our IVMS Case Study page which includes the actual data comparing the two sets of vehicles - you may be surprised at just how different the data is! 

Link to IVMS Case Study
If you want to discuss getting access to your drivers' IVMS data - give Steve a call on 07 3240 8777.

The 2015 Hilux is Coming... and it's even tougher

We have our orders in for the 2015 Toyota Hilux - planned to land at Vista Hire on 9 October 2015.

What's new and exciting in the Hilux:
- More efficient and more powerful engine. 
- 3,500 tonne towing capacity.
- Class-leading payload.
- Locally-developed suspension (developed in Vic, SA, NSW). 

Read more on our All New 2015 Toyota Hilux web page. 

If you want to be among the first to drive the new Hilux, contact us to hire the 2015 Toyota Hilux from mid October. 

The 200 Series LandCruiser is Here

We recently said goodbye to the last of our 100 Series LandCruisers in the fleet. It was a sad day as these vehicles have been great work horses for us over the years. 

But we're pleased to replace the 100 Series with the 200 Series LandCruiser. It's tough, but prettier, and packed with driver aids... and it's got a big 3,500 tonne towing capacity. 

So, if you need to hire a tough work horse, contact us to hire the 200 Series LandCruiser.200 Series Toyota LandCruiser

Safe Driving Tip: Don't Use Your Mobile

From 1st September, double demerit points apply to people who repeatedly use their mobile phone while driving. We support initiatives like this that encourage safe driving behaviour. 

Did you know?
  • No mobile phone use when drivingAt 60km/h, if you look at your phone when driving, for just 2 seconds, you travel up to 33 meters blind.
  • Using your phone when driving makes you 4 times more likely to have a serious crash
  • Using your phone when driving means you’re as dangerous as a drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher.
*Source Queensland Government - 

What is Trailer Stability Control (TSC)?

Trailer Stability Control (TSC) automatically detects when an attached trailer starts to sway. If this situation occurs, the TSC automatically brakes individual wheels to stabilise the vehicle and trailer. In cases where the sway is severe, the engine torque is also reduced and the vehicle slowed automatically.

If you're towing a trailer and are concerned about trailer sway, ask us about TSC for your next hire. We have TSC in our fleet of Ford Rangers, and it's also coming in the new 2015 Toyota Hilux

Just another safety feature included in our fleet of work ready vehicles at Vista Hire. 
We hope you find the information in this newsletter useful and informative. If you have something you'd like featured in future issues, please let us know. 

Until next time...
Steve and the Vista Hire team.

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