Issue 7: June 2015

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• 4WD Training
• Don't get caught speeding
• Road Rules refresher
• Supplier Focus - RFM 4x4 

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We Value Experience

At Vista Hire, we look for experienced suppliers and products, and we only employ experienced staff. Why? Because we want you to be able to carry on and do your work and not have to worry about your vehicles. That's our job - providing vehicles ready for work and making sure they stay that way. 

Did you know?
  • We regularly post informative articles to the Experience & Advice page on our website. Check out our latest article on ANCAP 5 Safety Ratings.
  • We keep our knowledge and practical experience current with regular training for our staff. 
  • We post 4WDing 'tips' to our Facebook page
  • Our staff are all degree qualified and have several years 4WDing experience. 
  • We have several years experience working on projects, so we understand deadlines, red tape, and keeping the project team happy!

4WD Training: Get More Experience

Our team recently completed the Operate and Maintain 4WD Vehicle qualification through Global 4WD Training. Even though our staff have several years of 4WDing experience, they all found the course very valuable - in particular to test out the true off-road capability of our vehicles. 
                   Vista Hire Landcruiser
If you're thinking about doing a 4WD training course, we'd recommend our provider Global Training. And if you need a vehicle to complete the course, contact us to hire one. 

Our experience says 'Slow Down'

We've recently experienced an increase in speeding infringements in our vehicles. We suspect this is due to the 'tightening up' of the speed threshholds - this means you are more likely to be caught for speeding for doing 7kms or 8kms over the speed limit than your were previously. 

We support any changes that improve road safety, because even just a few kilometers over the speed limit can be a life or death matter for a pedestrian. 

Do you need a road rules refresher?

Queensland Road RulesA couple of our staff recently completed their Heavy Rigid Driver's Licence, and had to complete a written exam, which included some general road rules.

There were a couple of questions in the test that almost tripped us up... so we thought you might like a refresher too.

Click here to do a practice test. 

Experienced enough for Lotus?

Lotus Agility TestDo you have the experience to handle the Lotus Evora 400 Supercar? Try this agility test, it's a lot of fun (as long as you don't mind being criticised by the computer). 

Click here to do the Lotus Agility Test.

Supplier Focus - RFM 4x4 Accessories

We value experienced suppliers like RFM 4x4 Accessories. We use RFM for all our commercial and mine spec fit out work, and are always happy with the service we receive. 

RFM 4x4 Accessories has 22 years' experience to call on when completing all types of fitouts for commercial and 4WD vehicles.
RFM 4x4 Accessories make it a priority to listen to the clients’ fitout requests and then work with them to select the correct product to enhance the vehicle performance in the field. This collaborative approach makes tailoring a practical and economical fit out easy to achieve.
RFM Vista Hire Supplier

The Vista Hire Experience

When you hire a vehicle from Vista Hire, we hope you experience our "experience" during every step of your hire. If you have any feedback on your experience - good or bad - we're always happy to hear from you.

Steve and the Vista Hire Team. 
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