Vista Hire recently became a Program Partner with the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) recognising our ongoing commitment to road safety. 

At Vista Hire, we are passionate about road safety - not only because it protects our business assets, but mostly because the safety of our clients and staff is our highest priority. 

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What is the National Road Safety Partnership Program?

The National Road Safety Partnership Program offers a collaborative network to support Australian businesses in developing a positive road safety culture, it's about saving lives without the red tape.

The NRSPP aims to help Australian organisations develop a positive road safety culture and, in turn, become an example for others to enhance road safety nationally.

What is a NRSPP Program Partner?

NRSPP Program Partners are organisations that act as champions for road safety. We promote positive road safety culture within our own organisations and amongst our clients and suppliers. 

On becoming a Program Partner, we have committed to continuing to share knowledge relating to safe vehicles, vehicle accessories, and safe driving. 

Active Monitoring Case StudyOur Case Study

As part of our Program Partnership, the NRSPP produced a case study on Vista Hire showing how active monitoring impacts driver safety. You can read the full case study on the NRSPP website, or talk to us if you'd like a hard copy. 

Why did Vista Hire become involved with NRSPP?

We recognised that NRSPP was a great vehicle for championing road safety and had several tools and channels for promoting road safety nationally. As a fleet owner, we are very aware that we contribute to the number of vehicles on the roads, and we want to do our part to improve road safety. 

Read more about our Program Partnership on the NRSPP website. 

What Does Being a Program Partner Mean to Us?

We are very proud to join in such a worthwhile organisation and we take our involvement very seriously. We want to continue to do all we can to ensure the safety of our staff and our clients and keep our strong safety record in tact. 

We are pleased to join other organisations who support road safety including other Program Partners like AGL, Transurban, Boral, and Hornby Transport Service, and Steering Committee members like Origin, Uniting Care, Telstra, and Toll. 

What Does Being a Program Partner Mean to Our Clients and Prospective Clients?

Being a NRSPP Program Partner means you can expect us to continue to provide safe and reliable vehicles equipped with the safest equipment, accessories and options. We also intend to continue to assess new safety products and technologies and to stay at the forefront of safe driving practices. 

You can also expect us to continue to provide advice on safe driving and promote our vehicle safety products like in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS), roll over protection structures (ROPS), and our range of safety accessories

Useful Tools and Information Relating to Road Safety

On the NRSPP website are a range of tools and information relating to road safety, here are a few that we found particular interesting and useful:

A guide to developing a safe vehicle purchasing policy

IVMS: Best practices through telematics 

A total road incident cost calculator

 News item on the NRSPP

If you want to talk more about our involvement in the NRSPP or if you want to hire a safe vehicle, call us on 1300 993 767. 


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