With owning a vehicle comes many additional costs. Servicing. Insurance. Road-side assistance. Registration. Depreciation. Management. Finance Costs. Compliance Costs. And that’s aside from any incidental expenses from unforeseen events.

For many businesses, long-term car hire is a practical and cost-effective alternative. Why add the additional concerns of ownership, when you can rent a fully-equipped, modern 4WD vehicle from Vista Hire with no stress? 

We offer great rates on long-term rental

We offer three-month rates, six-month rates, or for the best rates, talk to us about a twelve-month long term 4WD hire.

We really look after our long-term rental clients, and try to make servicing and maintenance as easy as possible. We regularly keep in touch (but not too regularly) to ensure the vehicle remains in good condition. 

Good Reasons to Rent a 4WD Vehicle from Vista Hire

Still not sure whether to rent or buy? Here are the top reasons our clients choose to rent a quality 4WD vehicle instead of buy. 

1)  You get a quality 4WD vehicle that's ideally-specified without the upfront purchasing costs

2)  No time wasted arranging equipment fit out. Some vehicle fit outs, like mine specification vehicles, are very specific and expensive, and can take weeks to arrange. 

3)  No servicing, maintenance or insurance costs

4)  Fixed monthly rental costs

5)  No capital costs, depreciation, or disposal costs

6)  Long-term 4WD hire can have tax advantages for some businesses

7)  Rent the 4WD vehicle you need on an “as needed” basis

8)  You aren't stuck with an aging asset - instead you can continually hire the latest model vehicles. 

9)  Choose the best vehicle to suit your needs for a specific job or project.

10) Instead of owning ALL the vehicles you need, consider owning some and renting some - reduce the size of your own fleet and fill the gaps with our rental fleet



Above all, renting a 4WD is convenient.
You can concentrate on your work, not worry about your vehicle.

And if you choose to buy instead of rent, but have to wait until your permanent vehicle is ready, contact us about hiring a 4WD as an interim solution.


Call Vista Hire on 1300 993 767 to discuss your 4WD rental needs or request a quote today

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