Vista Hire rents vehicles with In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) for use at mine and project sites where monitoring of driver behaviour is required. IVMS improves driver behaviour and therefore enhances overall safety. 

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Driver ID Key in IVMS

WHAT IS ivms?

An IVMS or In-Vehicle Monitoring System is a satellite based tracking system that provides second by second, real time tracking of a vehicles movements.

IVMS increases driver safety

Driver safety is improved when a vehicle has IVMS by:


We can configure the IVMS to give audible alarms. The most common triggers for these alarms are:

These alerts are valuable because they provide a safety reference for the driver and also the company monitoring the behaviour of the driver.

How Monitoring IVMS Reports Impacts Driver Behaviour

IVMS helps to actively promote the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) standards within a business. Our experience shows that those drivers who know their employer is actively monitoring the IVMS data are less likely to speed and more likely to wear their seatbelt than those who aren't actively monitored.

See our Case Study for more information on the importance of 'M' in IVMS. 

Vehicles must have IVMS at some mine and LNG sites

IVMS unit with satellite communications

Vehicles with IVMS are required for contractors at:

See our LNG-CSG Spec or BMA Mine Spec page for details of other accessories required at these sites.

IVMS is a driver awareness tool

The IVMS unit has the ability to store data similar to the flight recorders used in aircraft. Hirers can request a red/amber/green (RAG) report generated from data recorded by the IVMS to confirm driver behaviour meets safety requirements. The RAG report can also be a useful tool to determine training needs or reward safe driving behaviour. 

IVMS has a facility that identifies specific drivers through driver ID keys. This makes it easy to identify who is driving a vehicle at any time. This has follow-on benefits by being able to identify specific driver training that may be required and allocate driving violations that may occur.

See our IVMS Reporting page for more information on the types of reports you can request. 


Vista Hire has three different types of IVMS available across our fleet:

- Mix Telematics from Future Fleet Pty Ltd. Mix Telematics recently featured Vista Hire in a case study on their website - you can check it out here

- Plug and Play IVMS units from GPSi

- Go 7 from Securatrak.

IVMS user interface showing vehicle location

Other USES for IVMS

IVMS has become an important tool in managing our fleet. With IVMS, we can proactively obtain odometer readings and better plan our vehicle servicing – this can save us, and our client, time and money.

In addition, we use IVMS for handling other safety-related issues, including:


Vista Hire offers a range of vehicles with in-vehicle monitoring systems, including:


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