At Vista Hire, our daily hire rate includes a standard damage liability of $4,400. This means you are covered for any damage to either a Vista Hire vehicle or another party's vehicle – whether you’re at fault or not - provided you haven't breached the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. We also offer the option to reduce your damage liability by paying a Collision Damage Waiver fee. 

Standard Damage Liability - $4,400

To help keep our long-term rental prices down, the standard damage liability is $4,400 per claim (for drivers aged over 25). This is the maximum you will pay in the event of damage to the vehicle provided you haven't breached the terms and conditions of your rental agreement. 

Collision Damage Waiver - $550

You can elect to pay the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) fee of an additional $16.50 (inc GST) per day per vehicle. The CDW will reduce your damage liability to $550 including GST per claim – giving you peace of mind of knowing the most you will be out of pocket is $550 if you have an accident (again provided you haven't breached the terms and conditions of the rental agreement).

Cover for tyre and windscreen damage

Vista Hire's standard damage liability does not cover the hirer for tyre and windscreen damage, but you can take out our Windscreen and Tyre Cover package.

For an additional $3.30 (inc GST) per day per vehicle, you are covered for damage to the vehicle’s windscreen or tyres where these were accidentally damaged. Windscreen and Tyre Cover does not apply to the vehicle’s side windows or rear glass. See Vista Hire’s terms and conditions for more detail.

Young Drivers

For drivers aged over 21, but younger than 25, an additional age excess of $3,850 is payable in the event of an accident. That is, the driver would be required to pay the damage liability plus the age excess. 

Your Damage Liability Options Summarised

The below table summarises the damage liability options available from Vista Hire:


Options Daily Rate (inc GST)

Amount you pay up to
(over 25 years old - inc GST)

Amount you pay up to
(21-24 years old - inc GST)

 Standard Damage Liability

Included in daily hire rate


$4,400 + $3,850 = $8,250

Collision Damage Waiver

$16.50 per day

   $   550

$   550 + $3,850 = $4,400

Windscreen and Tyre Cover $  3.30 per day    No fee for windscreen or
accidental tyre damage



If you’re comparing hire car quotes, be sure to check what’s included and what is extra. At Vista Hire our standard damage liability is automatically included in the hire charges.


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