At Vista Hire we have a 4x4 rental vehicle to suit most needs. Our fit-for-purpose fleet has been involved in a wide range of tasks for a range of clients.

Below are a few examples of how our rental cars are used. If you have a requirement, talk to us and we'll find the right 4WD and accessories for your needs. 


Environmental  MonitoringMuddy 4WD used for environmental monitoring

Each time it rains the work pours in. This client has an extensive area to cover testing groundwater quality and runoff into creeks, rivers and lakes. They regularly require additional 4WDs at short notice to access wet, muddy areas to meet their monitoring commitments. Vista Hire is able to assist this client with their short-term and last-minute projects in addition to providing them with longer-term rentals of custom-fitted vehicles.


Risk Management

Another of our clients requires mine specification 4WDs on long-term hire in the Surat Basin. Their risk managers use vehicles built to the highest specification so they are able to access multiple sites without the need for changing cars.

Consulting Engineers

As design partners for construction and geo technical projects, this client has staff that are often required to mobilise to various sites to oversee progression. Sometimes at short notice, 4WD vehicles equipped to LNG/CSG specification are hired for weeks to monitor critical phases of their projects.

Dual cab with side access window to canopyTelecommunications

With the rollout of the NBN and 4G mobile phone networks, service providers are upgrading telecommunications infrastructure in rural and remote locations. Our vehicles are used, laden with equipment, to access rough tracks to allow this work to be completed in comfort and safety. With a substantial investment in tools and equipment being moved to site, our 4WD wagons with cargo barriers and 4WD dual cabs with lockable canopies, roof racks, tow bars and all terrain tyres are up to the job.

Going Fishing

A Fishing Charter boat company moving north for the winter needed a vehicle suitable to tow their boat from Brisbane to Mackay. They typically use a small vehicle to run around town once the boat is in the water, so a tow vehicle was only required for the highway run. Vista Hire provided a vehicle with the right capability and the boat was back out working with a minimum of downtime.

Going to the Show

For those that like to take their hobbies with them, our towing vehicles have been used for towing anything from horses to race cars to shows or time trials. It makes sense for these clients to hire a vehicle for these infrequent towing jobs rather than maintain an expensive 4WD all year round.

4WD Wagon hired for holiday to Windorah

Following the Sun

For those lucky enough to enjoy a well-earned break, we hire 4WD vehicles for towing camper trailers to take a dream holiday in the outback. For those not so lucky to be having the holiday, Vista Hire’s work-ready vehicles have been used for solar system installation by companies undertaking work in those harder to access areas.

Those sensitive types

Far from being emotional, specialist freight companies require economical solutions for difficult to access sites. Our wagons and dual cab utilities assist them with moving sensitive freight where their bigger trucks cannot access.

 Following the sun in Vista Hire Wagon

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