At Vista Hire, we offer a solution to the problem of needing a ute for carrying space, but wanting your gear protected. Our 4WD canopy utes allow maximum storage and the protection of being able to lock away your gear. And they can be fitted with a range of load racks to allow additional on-roof storage.  

Dual Cab Ute with Canopy  Tradesman Ute

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Types of Canopy Utes Available

Load-Through Ute Canopy - The Tradesman Ute

Tradesman Canopy with flip up sidesThe Load-Through Ute Canopy is perfect for the tradesman who needs to move equipment in and out of the vehicle regularly. At Vista Hire, our canopy utes have three doors, allowing the whole side or back of the canopy to flip up, allowing easy access to tools and equipment.

This canopy has a flat bottom, and with no side windows, and no impact from the wheel arches of the vehicle, provides maximum storage space. It has a strong reinforced shell and built-in support bars to support load racks, and with internal LED lights is a great work vehicle both day and night.

The load-through canopy locks with the central locking, so there’s no risk of forgetting to lock up your gear. 


Classic Ute Canopy

Dual cab with side access window to canopyThe Classic Ute Canopy has stood the test of time, offering a practical solution to increase the protected storage space of the utility vehicle.

The classic canopy has side and rear access windows to allow you to see what’s in the back, and provide quick access to your equipment. Each canopy window has an individual lock, and we’ve found the fibreglass exterior to be tough and versatile. 


Load Racks

In addition to the internal carrying space, our canopy utes can be fitted with racks on the roof for carrying longer items like conduit, tubing and ladders. While we offer the extra carrying space, we also offer advice on vehicle payload as overloading the vehicle is dangerous and illegal.

Our canopy utes can be fitted with three types of load racks:

Horizontal Roof Racks

Horizontal Roof Racks

Two or three roof racks that run parallel to allow additional equipment to be secured to either the canopy alone, or between the canopy and the cab of the vehicle.

Extension Racks

Extension Roof Racks

The extension roof racks contain 2.6 meter long x 1.4 meter wide bars with full width stainless steel roller. These roof racks are made from anodized aluminum so allow extra storage without adding too much extra weight.

Ladder Racks
Ladder Racks

The ladder racks include a guide and roller to allow secure storage of ladders.

Mine Spec Canopy Ute

If you're working at a mine site, and still want the benefits of a canopy ute, we also rent canopy utes with mine spec options. These mine spec canopies can be fitted with all the mine spec options including reflective stripes, amber beacons, wheel nut indicators, and much more - see our mine spec canopy page for more details. 

Mine Spec with Canopy

Hire a Canopy Ute with Roof Racks

Whether you’re a tradie, a technician, or a tourist, talk to us about our range of canopy utes for hire. You’ll have the extra storage space of a ute, without the risk of your equipment or luggage being exposed, and you can enhance your storage space with a range of roof load racks.


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