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At Vista Hire we know being armed with the right knowledge is a powerful way to increase safety.

Vista Hire’s people all have decades of 4WD and industry experience, giving them extensive knowledge that they have shared in the articles below.

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Latest Articles

 Mine Spec vehicle requirements in the gas industry continue to evolve - October 2016

We are in touch with the latest on changes to the light vehicle specifications in the CSG / gas industry, including the plan to move to ANCAP 5 by 1 January 2018. Check out our mine spec requirements page for a comparison of the specifications. 

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→ 10 Top Reasons to Rent Instead of Buy - July 2016

 If you can't decide whether you're better off buying a vehicle or getting a long-term rental, check out our top 10 reasons to rent instead of buy. 

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 Off Road First Aid Kit Essentials - March 2016

 If you’re regularly off road as part of your workday, you need to be ready to act appropriately in case of an emergency. For many reasons, off-road trips are riskier than your regular city commute, and preparing a dedicated first aid kit for potential off-road incidents may help save a life. 

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  Towing with a Trailer?

    Check out The Range of Items you Can Tow with a Vista Hire 4WD - Jan 2016

Our towing vehicles are being used to tow a range of items - from boats, to food vans, flight simulators, to horse floats. In this article, we share some information on towing safely with a trailer, and show some of our vehicles towing in action. 


Qualified Weed Certifiers Now at Vista Hire - Dec 2015

We want to do our part to help prevent the spread of weeds in Queensland. We now have in-house weed hygiene certifiers who can verify your vehicle is 'clean' to allow you to travel into areas where Weed Hygiene Declarations are required. 

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  → Vista Hire Joins National Road Safety Partnership ProgramNov 2015

Vista Hire recently became a Program Partner with the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) recognising our ongoing commitment to road safety. Read more about what it means to be a Program Partner and why we care about road safety. 

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   → The 2015 Toyota Hilux is Here - Oct 2015

At Vista Hire, we are amongst the first in the industry to have the new 2015 Toyota Hilux available for hire. In this article we compare the key changes between this all-new model and the 2014 Toyota Hilux which has been a great work horse in our fleet.  

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  → IVMS: The Importance of "M" - Sept 2015

In this case study, we compare the driving behaviour of drivers who know they are being actively monitored against drivers who aren't actively being monitored. The results are clear - if employees know their employer is monitoring the in-vehicle monitoring reports, they are less likely to speed, and more likely to wear their seat belt. 


 → IVMS Reporting: Reward and Measure Driver Behaviour - August 2015

In this article, we discuss the benefits of In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) reporting and explain the different types of IVMS reporting available.

We have found that clients who actively use IVMS reporting to monitor driver behaviour, the number of government issued infringement notices are less, and safer driving habits are formed compared to those clients who don't actively use IVMS reports.


  Vista Hire Difference - July 2015

In this article, we discuss the differences between Vista Hire and our competitors - both other 4WD operators and national mainstream organisations. We believe the key difference comes down to our core values of safety, reliability, flexibility, and experience.  


→  80% of kms travelled by Vista Hire clients will be in 5 star cars - June 2015

When comparing vehicle hire companies, have you considered the safety of the vehicles on offer?

In 2015, approximately 80% of all kms done by Vista Hire clients will be in ANCAP 5 safety rated vehicles. 

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 4WD Training - Testing the Off Road Capability of Our Fleet - May 2015

The Vista Hire team recently completed the Operate and Maintain 4WD Vehicle training course. This was a great opportunity to test out the off-road capability of our fleet in a controlled environment. In this article we highlight the key lessons we learnt from the course including using the electronic aids, how to maintain maximum traction, and being mindful of ascent and departure angles. 


 Change to Traffic Crash Policy - Feb 2015

Since 1 January 2015, the Queensland Police have changed their Traffic Crash Policy which means you may not need to contact them in the event of a traffic crash. In this article we summarise the changes and explain what we expect you to do if you have an accident in a Vista Hire vehicle. 


 Helping to Prevent the Spread of Weeds - Nov 2014

Vehicles working in the Surat and Galilee Basin may require a Weed Hygiene Declaration and / or Certificate before being allowed on site. This is to prevent the spread of weeds which can be costly to landowners. In this article we discuss the difference between a declaration and a certificate and show the process we use when we arrange for Weed Hygiene Declarations or Certificates to be issued for your hire vehicle in Brisbane before you leave for site.

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 Car Hire Bill Comparison - Oct 2014

Have you ever hired a vehicle after being given a quote only to find the final bill includes hidden extras from the hire car company? We have. In this article we show the differences between our competitors' hire car bills and our hire car bills, and why you can rely on us to have no hidden extras. 

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 Economical Driving Tips - Sept 2014

At Vista Hire, we encourage our clients to drive their hire vehicles efficiently - it helps extend the life of various components like clutches, tyres, diffs and brakes, and also saves fuel, unnecessary downtime, and the environmental cost of driving inefficiently. In this article we share some tips on how to drive and tow economically. 

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 Tyre Pressure and Your Vehicle  - June 2014

Adjusting tyre pressure is the most effective and cheapest way to change a vehicle’s performance.

This article doesn’t give advice on what pressures should be used, but rather gives practical examples of why tyre pressure should be considered when setting up your vehicle for its particular weight distribution.


→ The 2014 Toyota Hilux - March 2014

Toyota took its time to produce an ANCAP five-star rated ute... but now it's here and ready for hire from Vista Hire.

Read more about the safety features of the 2014 Toyota Hilux and why we're glad to welcome the Hilux back to our fleet. 


 The Prado Wagon - A Capable and Comfortable 4WD - Dec 2013

More clients are choosing to hire wagons over utes, especially when the majority of their time is spent commuting to sites. The comfort and versatility of a wagon makes them an obvious choice especially when they can be supplied in mine specification build with IVMS for around $10/day more than a ute. In this article we share some of the features of a Prado Wagon and why it makes a good choice of 4WD rental.


 First Aid Kits Supplied in Your Rental Vehicle - Aug 2013

One of the most common accessories required in rental vehicles is a first aid kit. Some companies define separate kits for metropolitan use, rural use and remote use and others have specific kits for higher risk activities such as welding, working in confined spaces or animal handling. As you would expect from Vista Hire, we ensure our clients drive away with the right first aid kit.


Common Sense Four Wheel Driving - June 2013

Before you consider hiring a 4WD from Vista Hire, you should be aware of the differences between driving a Four Wheel Drive (4WD) and a normal car. You may think operating a 4WD is not too different to driving your normal car, however there are few similarities. The two basic differences between a 4WD and a road car are the difference in height and weight of the vehicles. These two key factors require you to change your thought processes and physical actions to safely operate the vehicle.



Check back regularly as we continue to add our advice and thoughts on safety, technical driving and industry trends.

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