Why we support ANCAP 5 Safety Rated Vehicles

When comparing vehicle hire companies, have you considered the safety of the vehicles on offer? At Vista Hire, the safety of our clients is our primary concern.

In 2011, we made the decision to only buy 4WDs that have been awarded 5 star safety ratings from ANCAP, unless the category of vehicle we are purchasing is not available in 5-star guise (like the Dual Cab Landcruiser Ute). More than 80% of our fleet are 5 star vehicles and we believe the improved safety features of ANCAP 5 vehicles increases the safety for our clients working on construction, mining, or other project sites. 

Did you know?

According to ANCAP, during 2015 it is estimated that around 40% of annual kilometres travelled will be in 5 star cars. (For Vista Hire, this number is more like 80%, and the rest of the fleet has additional safety features like roll over protection structures.)

ANCAP estimates that there will be 1/3 less Australians killed or seriously injured in cars by 2020. 

The societal cost savings are estimated to be more than AU$2 billion per year.


ANCAP is the Australasian New Car Assessment Program, an independent vehicle safety advocacy organisation. Each year ANCAP performs tests on a selection of popular new cars, so consumers like you and me can compare vehicle safety when we’re shopping for a new car. We did exactly that when we chose to add the PX Ford Ranger dual cab, RG Holden Colorado dual cab, 150 series Toyota Landcruiser Prado wagon, and the 2014 Toyota Hilux to the Vista Hire rental fleet.

To get a high safety rating, vehicles have to perform well in a series of crash tests, and have a number of safety features, demonstrate structural integrity, and have safety assist technologies (SAT). The diagram below summarises how the ANCAP stars are awarded to vehicles and shows that it is a combination of Crash Tests and Safety Features that contribute to the star rating.

ANCAP 5 safety rating

Safety features

ANCAP has determined that some safety features are mandatory in 5 star rated cars, including:

ANCAP’s road map

We think one of the best features of ANCAP’s rating system is that it gets more stringent each year. ANCAP publishes a ‘road map’ - a plan of how its testing will evolve over future years. Each year an increasing number of safety assist technologies are also required before a car can be given a high rating. If you’re interested in all the details, you can read the road map on the ANCAP website. 

There has been some confusion regarding if an ANCAP rating changes once it is awarded. According to the website www.safertogether.com.au, discussions with ANCAP have confirmed that “once a vehicle has been awarded an ANCAP rating, that rating stands for the life of that vehicle ... There is no expectation that the vehicle will need to meet future year standards … From 2014, all new ratings include a date stamp clearly identifying the year to which the vehicle has been rated”.

The global NCAP network

Something else that we think is really valuable is the fact that ANCAP operates within a global network of New Car Assessment Programs, including Europe (EuroNCAP), Japan (JNCAP), S.E. Asia (ASEAN NCAP), Korea (KNCAP); China (C-NCAP); Latin America (Latin NCAP), and USA (NHTSA and IIHS). These organisations share similar testing protocols, which ensures the tests are of the highest possible standard, giving consumers confidence in their results.

Safe cars, ready for work

Because your safety is our concern, we want to provide you with the safest possible rental vehicles.

Our fleet consists of the ANCAP 5 safety rated Holden Colorado, Ford Ranger, Toyota Prado, and since the beginning of 2014 the Toyota Hilux. You can read more about what changes were made to the Hilux to make it an ANCAP 5 vehicle in our 2014 Toyota Hilux article.


 When you’re looking to hire a safe vehicle that is ready for work, contact Vista Hire.


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