Vehicle Accessories and Options

Vista Hire’s business is to hire quality 4WDs fitted with quality accessories and options.

We provide a range of vehicle accessories and options commonly needed by our clients in their hire vehicle. If you require accessories and options not listed here, contact Vista Hire to discuss adding it to your hire vehicle.

A range of accessories and options
Our accessories and options are designed to increase vehicle visibility, improve vehicle safety, manage incidents, move loads safely and more.

Increase vehicle visibility

Amber Beacon 

Amber beacon on mine spec vehicle

Also known as an orange flashing light, strobe, amber rotator, or mine light, the amber beacon is designed to catch attention through a visual alert. The colour of the light is intended to convey a specific warning to road users. Amber is the colour used to warn road users of an obstruction to the free flow of traffic and is the colour light fitted to vehicles that operate in hazardous positions or move in hazardous circumstances. 


Elevated Tail Lights

Elevated tail lights on mine spec ute

Elevated tail lights or repeater lights raise the indicator lights, brake lights, reversing lights, and tail lights to a position above the roof line.

Elevated tail lights increase the distance the lights will be seen and reduces the opportunity for obstruction from dust and other solid objects. The mine light bars used by Vista Hire also include the amber beacon.


Headlights On

Headlights onAuto headlights-on kits ensure the vehicle’s low beam headlights are on when the vehicle ignition is on. Some vehicle manufacturers offer this feature as a dealer programmable option and most of Vista Hire’s vehicles are programmed this way.


Mine Flag

Mine flag available on mine spec vehicleMine flags or safety flags are mounted so that they are higher than the vehicle, to improve its visibility. The flags are fluorescent in colour with reflective tape crosses. 

Mine flags are also known as dune poles, buggy whips, or whip aerials and are used at mine sites and by recreational 4WD users particularly on small hills and sand dunes.


Positive ID Signage

Positive ID signage on mine spec vehicleAlso known as call signs or vehicle decals, Positive ID signs identify the vehicle by a four to six digit alpha-numeric sequence.

Vista Hire provides Positive ID signs that are prefaced with alpha characters VH. The signs are compliant with BMA, QGC and many other operators that have a requirement for signage with font, character size, spacing and colour specifications. Our positive ID signs are also compliant with MDG 15 and the Australian Standards for signage.


Reflective Stripes

Reflective stripesReflective stripes or reflective tape used on Mine Spec vehicles helps improve the vehicle’s visibility. Vista Hire uses diamond grade class 1 green or yellow reflective tape down the full length of its mine spec vehicles.


Reversing Beeper

Reversing beeperAlso known as an audible alarm or reverse alarm, the reversing beeper sounds when the vehicle is placed in reverse gear.


Improve vehicle safety

In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)

In-Vehicle Monitoring SystemVista Hire’s rental 4WDs can be fitted with In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS). The IVMS electronics are wired into the vehicle and it logs information about location, speed, RPM and some diagnostics about the condition of the engine.

IVMS monitors driver behaviour including whether a seat belt has been used and how hard the vehicle has cornered or braked. The information is sent back to a database via the Next G phone network or satellite network if out of Next G range.

Reports can be run on the data in close to real time. IVMS is a great safety tool and the reports are ideal for coaching or rewarding good behaviour.

See our detailed IVMS page for more information and pictures. 


Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS)

Roll over protection structuresA ROPS is a frame installed in or around a vehicle that increases the structural rigidity of the frame around vehicle occupants. Vista Hire uses internal ROPS, however some vehicle compliance standards are shifting toward the use of ANCAP 5 star safety rated vehicles and ROPS is not required on these 4WDs.


Collision Avoidance System (CAS)

Collision Avoidance SystemThe CAS equipment is designed to reduce the likelihood of collisions through the following features: 

  • Real time vehicle location tracking
  • Audible and visual warning of potential danger 
  • Alerting of both parties if other party is fitted with CAS 
  • Alerting of proximity of stationary objects if object is fitted with CAS
  • Data logging

The CAS equipment comprises of a radio frequency (RF) sensor and an in-cabin alarm unit.


Communicate on project sites

UHF and VHF Radio Equipment

UHF and VHF radios in rental 4WDVista Hire fits 80CH UHF CB radios to all its off-road vehicles. Our Santos and Origin compliant vehicles are fitted with Tait digital UHF radios programmed for use at their Surat Basin networks. We also have commercial UHF and VHF radios programmed for use in the Bowen Basin at BMA, Xstrata, Peabody, Rio Tinto, Macarthur Coal, QCoal, Stojitz Mining, Curragh, Ensham and Lake Vermont Coal sites. Contact us if you have a specific radio requirement for your mine spec 4WD hire.


Manage incidents

2nd Spare Tyre

Second spare tyreVista Hire can provide a second spare tyre for when the 4WD hire vehicle is travelling in remote locations. It is not uncommon to have multiple punctures or sidewall damage and having a second spare gives greater peace of mind. Some companies mandate carrying two spare tyres for remote field workers.


Battery Isolator

Battery isolatorA battery isolator provides a hard lockable switch that stops power to the entire vehicle including any aftermarket accessories. A battery isolator provides a fast and safe solution for disabling vehicles during servicing or when not in use. Battery isolator switches are colour coded red and its function is clearly labeled.


Fire Extinguisher

1.5kg fire extinguisherWe typically fit 1.5kg fire extinguishers to the passenger side floor inside our 4WDs or 4.5kg DCF extinguishers to the tray. The fire extinguisher charge is checked at the beginning of all hires, and fire extinguishers are serviced and stamped every 6 months by an authorised tester to ensure they are compliant and ready for use.


First Aid Kit

First aid kits in 4WD rental vehicleVista Hire’s first aid kits contain the equipment recommended by the Code of Practice: First Aid in the Workplace issued by Safe Work Australia and any additional kit specifications required by you such as a snake bite kit. Our kits are stored in a soft roll bag and sealed in plastic with the contents itemised and expiry dates listed so the kit we issue is always full and in-date. This also ensures the contents are kept clean and dry, and allows us to do a simple visual check to see if the kit requires restocking. If a kit seal is broken and items are used, we only charge for items that need to be replaced.

See our article on First Aid Kits supplied in your rental vehicle for more information. 


Jump Start Receptacles

Jump start receptaclesJump start receptacles provide a safe and obvious way of connecting to the battery through heavy duty Anderson style connections.


Recovery Kit

Recovery kitA recovery kit can be provided for when you need to snatch a vehicle out of a bog or where it is unable to move under its own power. Our basic recovery kit contains a load-rated strap, gloves, load-rated bow shackles, and a storage bag that doubles as a damper. We also offer some basic instructions but we do not recommend attempting a recovery without prior training.


Starter Isolator

Starter isolatorA starter isolator or starter motor isolator provides a hard lockable switch that isolates power to the vehicle’s starter motor, preventing the vehicle from being started. When the switch is engaged, it prevents the vehicle from driving but provides power to auxiliary components such as beacons, spot lights, and radios. Some sites required the starter isolator switch to be colour coded yellow and its function clearly labeled.


Traffic Control Triangles

Traffic control trianglesTraffic control or safety triangles are used to alert other motorists to a stationary vehicle and are used in case of vehicle breakdown. The traffic control sets provided by Vista Hire contain three individual triangles.


Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocksWheel Chocks are used to stop unwanted movement in stationary vehicles. Wheel chocks are typically made from a solid rubber and stored in a wheel chock holder or tool box in the tray of our vehicles.


Wheel Nut Indicators

Wheel nut indicatorsWheel Nut Indicators are brightly coloured pointers that fit over the wheel nuts. Wheel Nut Indicators should be installed in an identifiable pattern so that if the nuts become loose, the driver can quickly identify if the pattern is changed with a visual inspection.


Move loads safely

Load Restraints

Cargo netIt is a legal requirement of road-going vehicles that loads are to be restrained. Vista Hire can supply a Gorilla Cargo Load Restraint Net with your vehicle. The Gorilla net is load rated and most of our mine spec tray back vehicles have internal tie down points which are the safest and preferred system of attachment.


Tow bar

Tow barAll Vista Hire vehicles are fitted with a tow bar. Vista Hire's 4WD vehicles are typically wired with either "7 pin round small", or "7 pin flat" connectors. Most of our vehicles are also fitted with electronic brake controllers to assist trailers that have electronic braking systems.

See our page on safe towing for more information on towing a load. 


Electronic Brake Controller

Electronic brake controllerElectronic brake controllers are required to be fitted to vehicles that tow trailers with electronic brakes for the brakes to be adjusted correctly. The control unit is usually fitted within reach of the driver so adjustments can be made to the level of braking applied to the trailer wheels. The control unit sends braking signals to the trailer brakes via the trailer wiring. When adjusted correctly, the tow vehicle and trailer can be slowed as quickly as if the vehicle was stopping by itself. The red dial in the photo is the trailer brake adjustment in a Redarc in-dash electronic brake controlled.


Roof Racks

Roof Racks

Many of Vista Hire’s vehicles are fitted with roof racks for the convenience of carrying ladders and other long items that won’t fit safely inside the cargo areas.

The load rating of the roof racks is typically up to 150 kg across the 2 rear bars. The load should be securely tied down and bear in mind during travel, there can be some movement between the rack on the cabin of the vehicle and the racks on the canopy.


Trailer Stability Control (TSC)

Our Ford Rangers are equipped Trailer Stability Control (TSC) which automatically detects when an attached trailer starts to sway. If the trailer sways, the TSC automatically brakes individual wheels to stabilise the vehicle and trailer. In cases where the sway is severe, the engine torque is also reduced and the vehicle slowed automatically.


Comply with documentation requirements

Brake Test

Brake test on 4WDVista Hire can conduct brake tests and provide certificates with each vehicle at the commencement of hire. The test measures deceleration, speed, stopping distance, pedal force required, and gives an overall evaluation of brake performance with a printed result. The tests comply with international standards and the emergency brake or hand brake is also tested. Many companies such as BMA, Thiess, Xstrata, Anglo American, BHP and Vale require a brake test as one of their vehicle compliance criteria.


Pre-Start Logbook

Pre-start checklistVista Hire provides a Light Vehicle Pre-Start carbonised checklist book in your hire vehicle if required. This checklist provides the vehicle operator a list of important safety items to check prior to commencing work including under bonnet and operational checks and provides the opportunity to document any defects or maintenance items requiring action.


Weed Hygiene Declaration and Weed Hygiene Certificate

Weed DeclarationIt is a requirement at many sites in the Surat Basin that vehicles be inspected and washed down before entering. The declaration system was developed to minimise the spread of weeds and other contaminants and to meet the requirements of the Land Protection Act 2002. It may also be necessary to provide a journey plan listing the order that sites intend to be visited for the declaration to remain valid. A vehicle is considered to remain clean if it leaves its point of origin clean and only travels on sealed roads or well-maintained unsealed roads. 

Read our article about the difference between a Weed Hygiene Declaration and a Weed Hygiene Certificate. 


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